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Sowing Seeds of Change: Sustainable School Lunch Program in rural Haiti

Nestled amid the picturesque yet rugged terrains of Haiti's mountains lies a beacon of hope – a school built by the Rapino Foundation. More than just a place of learning, it stands testament to the power of community, resilience, and sustainable innovation.

The core of this school's mission is not limited to education in the traditional sense. The Rapino Foundation has successfully integrated a sustainable school lunch program that is intertwined with the heartbeats of the local community. The lifeblood of this initiative? A school garden.

A Blooming Garden of Hope

Sprawled across a generous plot estimated at 11 hundredths, the garden boasts over 400 vegetables, showcasing the diversity of 10 different species. This garden is more than a source of sustenance; it's a symbol of the indomitable Haitian spirit. In a nation where agriculture forms the backbone of the economy, this initiative is a clarion call to recognize the importance of the land and the bounties it can yield. Annaida, lead Agronom at R3VOLVE HAITI by the Rapino Foundation teamed up with Maitre Gilbert, the school director to assess the potential of the land. Rapino Foundation, an organization known for its humanitarian endeavors, recognized the land's potential, envisaging it as a thriving garden.

In their commitment to sustainability and honoring Mother Earth, the foundation took an unconventional route: instead of resorting to chemical fertilizers, they invested time and energy in creating konpòs, a natural fertilizer. Known for accelerating plant growth, konpòs is a mix of animal waste and organic waste. An organic fertilizer for a garden that's natural and sustainable.

Today, as one walks through the garden, they are greeted with a rich variety of plants. From cabbages, potatoes, and leeks to the freshly sowed seeds of carrots, turnips, and lettuce, each plant tells a story of hope, resilience, and community.

Annaida: The Unsung Hero

At the helm of this initiative is Annaida, the Agrinom Manager at R3VOLVE Haiti. It might seem unusual for an entertainment studio to have an agrinom on board, but Annaida's presence signifies the studio's dedication to humanitarian work and its reliance on the region's natural resources.

Haiti's beauty is unparalleled, but it is juxtaposed with the unpredictability of changing seasons, which can be both a boon and a bane for its farmers. With fluctuating market prices, many farmers find themselves in a predicament, grappling with financial losses.

Recognizing this, R3VOLVE Haiti, with the support of the Rapino Foundation, backs local agricultural associations. This solidarity ensures that the interests of local farmers are safeguarded during market negotiations and that they are supported through the vicissitudes of changing seasons.

A Promise to the Future

The Rapino Foundation, with its sustainable school lunch program, doesn't just feed bodies but also nourishes souls. It underscores the message that what we give to the earth eventually returns to nurture us. Through this initiative, the foundation is not only shaping the futures of young students but also bolstering the local community, emphasizing the significance of sustainable agriculture in Haiti's development.

In the heart of Haiti's mountains, the foundation's school and garden are more than just establishments; they are symbols of hope, perseverance, and a promise to the future.

To support this initiative please visit our GoFundme page at

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In 2010 I visited Haiti with my dear friend Sean Penn and his organization JPHRO now known as CORE. He and his team showed me a side of Haiti that a simple guest or tourist could not see. I saw the beauty and resilience of a people held down by capitalism. I saw people struggling to pro-vide the most basic needs for their families. Haiti is meant to be a safe haven for 'freedom seekers' and the 'Pearl of the Antilles'.  

The challenges are great but like all Haitians, I am not deterred by challenge.

Haiti represents HOPE to all struggling peoples and one day Haiti will be a beacon of light for all underdeveloped and supressed countries in the world. This is why my family places our focus and importance on Haiti. She deserves the chance to shine. We all do.

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